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Product Details:
Product Length: 19.0 inches
Product Width: 13.5 inches
Product Height: 24.6 inches
Product Weight: 1.0 pounds
Package Length: 21.0 inches
Package Width: 16.0 inches
Package Height: 6.2 inches
Package Weight: 6.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 866 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 866 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

197 of 205 found the following review helpful:

5A Video Review of the Little People Disney Princess Songs PalaceSep 23, 2012
[[VIDEOID:mo3UBQZBDZ0F71K]]Some times it is easy to decide if your child will like (or love) a certain toy. The Disney Little-People Princess Song Palace is one of those toys. If you have a daughter who like the Disney princesses then she will likely love this princess palace. It features all of the things that are needed to provide hours of imaginative play time. For our daughter (who is 3) immediately fell in love with her palace. She played with it for 2 hours straight, and begged to play with it before she went to bed. Rarely has she been so excited to play with a new toy.

I also feel that it will likely have some staying power. Most of our daughter's electronic toys have a tendency to fade after a week or two. They seem to be high on gimmick and low on long-term playing power. Because of the variety of princesses and the ability to integrate the princesses into story-lines it offers hours of imaginative play.


- Comes with Snow White and Cinderella, but more princesses can be purchased separately.

- One of the coolest features is that when a princess is placed on the peg in the middle of the dance floor they will either state their name (in their true voice) or play a familiar phrase or song.

- The dance floor has two small *cups* that will hold the princess and allow them to dance and twirl on the floor. In addition to the dance the palace also plays ball-room music.

-Assembly is a bit of a pain - please allow about 30 minutes for assembly. Others have mentioned it but the assembly is not intuitive and can be a bit frustrating.

- Two volume settings.

- A tea pot int he kitchen make a tea pot sound and other sounds.

- The front door play a quick but regal sound whenever the doors are opened or closed.

- The elevator on the side of the palace is a bit difficult to use. It really does not go up or down easily - this is probably our biggest complaint on the palace.

- The Palace does come with some furniture - including a bed, table, and two chairs.

Final Verdict - This is a very easy recommendation for any little girl who enjoys the Disney princesses.

4 1/2 Stars

116 of 122 found the following review helpful:

5We've got a winner!Aug 17, 2012
By Mz.JenEschner
My hubby and I bought this palace, the additional princess dolls (set of 6 sold at Target) and the additional sets with the princes (sea carriage with Ariel and Eric is adorable!) all for our 2 year olds birthday. We opened the palace and she has not stopped playing with it since. This has become a toy that gets played with every single day. Our 5 year old loves it, too! This castle is a HUGE hit in our house. It has so many cute phrases and song clips from each of the princess movies. When you place the dolls on the center circle of the dance floor, each princess introduces herself, says a few character phrases and then sings a song clip from her movie. Our girls adore this feature. Our two year old claps in excitement and dances along with the songs. It's so cute. The palace also encourages the girls to be creative and use their imagination while playing. It came in a few easy to screw in and snap together pieces. You will need a small Phillips head screw driver to assemble some of it. Nothing major. No defects with our pieces. It took us about 10 mins to assemble, including peeling the stickers off the sheet and placing them on the pieces. This is a classically sturdy Fisher Price quality toy, it is colorful and fun. Each room or accessory has a sticker that incorporates parts of the Disney Princess movies. Example, Rapunzel's tower has the floating lanterns and a baby Pascal (her chameleon) painted on the wall. Another room is about Cinderella, the bedroom has the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Our girls totally love the castle and all the dolls that we purchased to go with it. Their little imaginations run wild making up stories about being invited to the ball etc. Seeing our little ones happy makes us happy parents. No complaints from this family. If your little one(s) adore Disney Princess the way ours do, our advice is: buy this castle! :-)

137 of 175 found the following review helpful:

3Exciting for Kids, Less Excited ParentJul 31, 2012
By C Miller
I was so excited to get this for our 3-year old who LOVES Little People but have a mixed experience with it.

I can totally see how as a kid, this toy would be AMAZING.

As a parent, however, I have had some frustrations:
1. The first castle we bought only recognized some of the princesses - Cinderella thought she was Rapunzel and we couldn't even get Tiana or Sleeping Beauty to work at all (from the expansion pack). I would imagine this is a fluke, but we had to get right back in the car and return it (bought at Target for less than this Amazon price). The good news is they accepted it fully put together as defective, but I would definitely suggest testing the base before putting the whole thing together.
2. Speaking of assembly, you absolutely must have very skinny Phillips Head -- we had a heck of time getting a screw driver tiny enough and long enough for some of the screws/pieces and you have to be very careful not to strip them in the process.
3. For a more expensive toy, some of the pieces we warped based in how it was packed (in ours the bedroom floor is slanted instead of flat).
4. Our daughter is already frustrated with the ONE SONG that plays for the dance floor - sometimes you can hit another button to make it stop, but most of time it doesn't and you have to wait for it to finish. It got old to her (and me) very quickly.
5. My nostalgia and daughter's excitement totally enticed me to buy this, but really, they could have done a MUCH better job with what they gave some the princesses to say and sing. Snow White sounds beyond antiquated and sings, "I'm waiting for my Prince..." -- I'm not overly shielding my daughter from the whole princess thing (obviously, since I bought this), but THAT is the song you gave her to sing? Not something recognizable like Whistle While You Work or anything a bit less old-school? I will say that some of them (like Ariel and Rapunzel) are spot-on, but Snow White and Tiana in particular, are phoned-in stereotypes in terms of sayings/songs. It would have been pretty easy to put a bit more thought into a few of them to make them both true to the character and not parent eyebrow-raising.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Disney castle rocksFeb 02, 2015
this product for the price is absolutely worth it. the dance floor recognizes each princess and has different songs for each
one! also the prince's make the waltz dance. daughters love it. bought all the characters only one I'm missing is Snow White prince but I'll keep looking. completely appropriate for babies with supervision. plus I bought the stable and it matches

22 of 28 found the following review helpful:

5Some assembly required.Sep 17, 2012
By Vera Mack
I just put this darling little palace together for my Princess. These are the things I've learned, and am sharing to spare you.

*Make sure said Princess is not within 25 feet of any assembly
*Drink one adult beverage prior to assembly
*Apply all stickers to palace parts prior to assembly....they STICK tightly and can't be moved, therefore there is not a shared picture of my palace...okay it wasn't that bad
*Make sure said Princess is not within 25 feet of any assembly

The palace is adorable, as are all of the little princesses. Little People + Disney equals awesome. We've gotten nearly every little person that goes with it and Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess: Ariel's Coach. Completely worth it. I have a feeling that the neighboring farmers will be moving into the palace as well. Not sure if they'll let Cinderella drive the tractor.

Also, places not named Amazon have exclusive sets that contain dwarfs and princesses that you can purchase. Pretty sure you can never have too many princesses.

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